Would You Mind Accompanying Your Boss on Business Trips?


They are interviewing young women for a jobWell, this is a really tricky question. Before you start to think about an answer, you should ask yourself the following question: Will there be any business trips in this job? 

When I was interviewing women for positions of secretaries, we used this question all the time, doesn’t matter if accompanying on business trips was a part of a job, or not. If it wasn’t and candidate got too excited about a question, saying how she would love to travel and enjoy such a part of a job, the decision was clear-  we did not choose her.

Why did we do so? Well, she would not be happy about her job. She would expect something more than the position could offer… Some other applicants got offended with the question. They imagined everything that one can imagine, when I mentioned “accompanying boss on business trips”. Needless to say, these candidates were also not hired, doesn’t matter if there was need to do such trips or not. It is a common thing to accompany a boss on a business trip and it’s work – nothing else, nothing more, nothing a job applicant should get offended with.


Your answer gives us a lot of information

Nice secretary sittingActually, your answer to this question talks also a lot about your flexibility. If you say you can not accompany the boss, because you need to be at home at 4pm every day (for example because of a kid), we can see you are not flexible enough. It may be problem sometimes, especially in companies where they often need to work overtime or change the working hours.However, in some companies it is not a problem.

All in all, it is not an easy question to answer, especially when you have no idea if  the business trips belong to the job or not, what re the working hours, etc. What I suggest to do is to pick a neutral answer. Do not get too excited about it. Just say, that you would not mind accompanying boss on trips, if it is  part of job and if it is needed. Later on, when having a job, you can refuse it. Let me show you a good sample:

I did not think about this aspect of the job. However, if it is needed and if my professional assistance can be useful for the boss on a business trip, I would not mind to accompany him.

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