Why do you want to become a secretary?


Nice secretary sittingEach person has some reasons for their job preferences. Employers may be glad to hear about certain reasons, while some other may disappoint them.

Many women want to become secretaries, as they believe it is an easy job, where they will just sits on the phone and drink coffee. While some assistant jobs may really look like that, this particular nature of the job should definitely not be your answer to the questions about your career choice.

Interviewers want to hear you talking about other motives. They want to hear that:

  • You want to have this job, because you believe you can bring some value to the office as a secretary.
  • You have good communication skills, are friendly, and people feel good with you, so you believe you can do a good job as a personal assistant.

Said in simple words, they want to hear that you apply for the job not because it is good for you, but because you believe it would be good for them to hire you. This is an employer-oriented approach, and you can trust me that every interviewer will appreciates it.

Sample answers

I really enjoy talking to people, and I love to be responsible for organizing and scheduling things for someone. I have been doing this for years and have good skills, so I believe I can be a good secretary. That is the main reason for my job preferences.

From my point of view, secretaries are very important for every company. They keep their bosses informed about important things, take care of the schedule and represent a first line of contact for most guests. What is more, a good secretary should do their best to keep a positive and motivating atmosphere in the office–at least that is what I always try to do. That’s why I want to become a secretary.

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