Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years Time?


Job applicant and two interviewers in a secretary interviewGood secretary should not aim too high in her career. One can not become a senior secretary or something like that. In fact, there are very limited, if any, possibilities for career growth. On the top of that, it is job where you have close professional relationship with your boss. Secretaries often know a lot about their bosses and have plenty of confidential information. And also it takes some time until a personal and working harmony is built between the boss and his assistant.

Summarized and underlined, everyone desires to hire a secretary who would like to stay in a company for a long time. Companies prefer to employ women who do not think about career growth.

Having this knowledge before your interview, you should do your best to convince them that you would be more than happy to have the same job in five years time, being a good and useful secretary. Of course, you can leave the company in one year time or even earlier, if you get a chance to have better job. You do not need to stick to the promises from job interview…


Good sample interview answers

Man secretaryI would love to work as a secretary in five years time and do a really good job. I enjoy doing this job and would be more than happy to have this position for a long time. I really feel this position is what makes me happy in my daily life, so I am not looking for anything else.

I do not have any career plans. However, I am thinking about starting a family in four or five years time. I would be glad to work as a secretary until then and be able to come back once my maternity leave finishes. However, we never know what destiny will bring, so maybe my plans will change. We will see.


Do not be afraid to talk about personal goals

Each responsible employee has some goals. Interviewers do not like applicants who say that they simply do not think about tomorrow. You should have some idea about your position in five years time. You can still be a secretary (what I suggest), but something can change in your personal life, in your mind, in the way of life. Feel free to talk about these changes in an interview. Be humble, honest and enthusiastic about the future. That’s the personality of an ideal secretary.

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