What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?


Good atmosphere in a job interview for secretary positionThis is a classic of job interviews. One question that was used long time ago when interviewing for a job began and will be likely still used in twenty fifty. Sometimes I have the feeling that interviewers use it only because it is a standard.

They browse the internet, find the recommended list of interview questions and use the list. In fact, they should be able to see your pluses and minuses without any help. That is why they work as interviewers or managers and not as secretaries…

On the other hand, the man leading interview with you does not have to be an HR professional. It can be a very good manager who has no knowledge of interviewing people. Because of this, question about strengths and weaknesses, question most people are afraid of, makes sense.

Essential strength and inessential weakness

Each of us has some weaknesses. However, what is a weak spot for one job is okay for another one. It is the same with strengths. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to think about your personality and pick right abilities for your answer. Choose the most relevant strengths and the weaknesses that does not make a bad secretary out of you.

You can even pick a weakness that can be considered as strength by some people. For example, being over-friendly. Let’s have a look at good answers:

She left good impression in an interviewI have a tendency to be over-friendly with people, what is not always good. Some clients may not like it and I know I should be more professional sometimes. From my strengths, I can mention good c0mmunication skills, ability to work quickly. I am very focused when working and  never let anything to distract me in job.

I would say I am very good team player and a hard worker. I am also very responsible, what I believe it important for a good secretary. From my weaknesses, I would say I am not really good in managing the others. I prefer getting orders, not giving.

Each of us has some weaknesses. Do not be afraid to talk about it in your interview. After you name your weaknesses, you can elaborate on it, saying how you try to improve on it. That will present you as someone conscious of his abilities and someone who constantly tries to improve as a person and as an employee. And that is exactly the impression you want to leave in an interview.

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