How Do You Imagine a Typical Day in Work?


Young secretary is doing her jobThis is a tricky question. Your answer reflects what you expect from the job, as well as what you are willing to do. You should actually think about it for a couple of minutes, trying to identify the needs of the company, and write down duties a secretary should carry out on a daily basis.

Average secretaries often believe that the work is only about making coffee and answering phone calls. However, I would not suggest you following this path, since there is much more you can do for your boss, on a professional level. You should try to mention as many working duties as possible, stressing that you like to be busy in work. To the common tasks of secretaries belong:

  • administrative work
  • organizing the schedule of one or more employees
  • answering phone calls
  • greeting visitors
  • operational cleaning of the office
  • building good atmosphere on the workplace

Sample answer

I imagine that I will always come in time, early morning. I will check the schedule to see if the tasks from yesterday were accomplished. I will meet the boss and ask about operational duties and tasks for the day, and remind them the schedule and meetings. After that I will prepare a good coffee, or anything else they like to drink. Then I will deal with incoming correspondence, phone calls and visits, as the day flows. In a free time, I will take care of administrative tasks. Before leaving the office in the evening, I will talk to the boss about the next day, reminding him the schedule and preparing everything for a smooth start of another day in the office. That is a short description of how I imagine a typical day in a job.

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