Do You Have Any Questions?


A women is researching about a company prior to the interviewJob candidates get a chance to ask some questions in every serious job interview. You should always ask something, as it demonstrates not only your honest interest for the position and the company, but also your social skills and your talkative personality.

One can ask about many things. While is some Arabic countries it is good to ask about family and kids, it would be a non-sense to ask about that in Europe and America.

On the other hand, there are many good topics to ask about in your secretary interview:

  • Goals and vision of the company, and their working environment
  • Typical day in work
  • Products and services the company offers
  • Next stages of recruitment process, e.g. next round of interviews
  • Date of starting the job

Listen carefully to their answer

If you ask something, you should listen carefully. Many people ask a question and do not pay attention to the words interviewers. This is a mistake.

Listen carefully, and do not hesitate to elaborate on the subject with further questions. Job interview should be a dialogue, not a monologue…

Salary – a good question?

I would not suggest to inquire about salary. First of all, if they consider hiring you, they will start to negotiate about salary. And secondly, it does not make a good impression, if the first thing you ask about is their salary offer. Smart job applicants never initiate the discussion about salaries. They wait for the employers to start it.


What to say at the end?

Congratulations! You have just read the last answer. You did more than most job seekers do to prepare for their interview. However, if you would like to stand out from the crowd, and ace your interview with ease, you may consider reading my eBook, Secretary Interview Guide. There you will find brilliant answers to all most common secretary interview questions, winning interview strategies, and much more.

Thank you, and good luck in your interview!

Jacob Gates,

Your Personal Interview Coach