Do You Have Any Questions?


A women is researching about a company prior to the interviewIn every good job interview, candidate gets a chance to ask some questions. It is definitely advisable to ask at least one question. However, if you give the interviewers an inappropriate question, or ask about something that was clearly explained before, it can lower your chances of getting a job.

Actually, one can ask about lot of things. While is some Arabic countries, it is advisable to ask about family and kids, it is non-sense in Europe and America. It does not matter how good, bad, or easy going your interview was… You should stay professional and never ask about personal things.

However, there are many good topics you to inquire about:

  • Goals of the company, their vision and working environment
  • Typical day in work
  • Products and services of the company, innovations they can be proud of
  • Next stages of recruitment process, e.g. if there is another round of interviews, when they will call you back, etc.
  • Date of job start

Listen carefully to their answer

If you ask something, you should listen carefully. Many people ask a question and do not pay attention to the interviewers afterwards. This is a huge mistake. In order to show your desire to have the job once the interview ends, you should listen with interest to the answers of the interviewers. You can even try to evolve the discussion!

Salary – a good question, or not?

I would not suggest to inquire about salary. First of all, if they consider hiring you, they will start to negotiate about salary. And secondly, it just does not make a good impression, if the first thing you ask about is salary offer. Smart job applicants never initiate the discussion about it. They wait for the employer to start it.


What to say at the end?

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