Can you tell me a little about your past working experience?


Woman is working at a computerMany job applicants underestimate questions about their working experience, or education. But you should know that interviewers observe and assess way more than just your working experience when asking you such questions.

First of all, they ask you to tell a little about your experience. Many job applicant do not get this part of the question, or they simply ignore it.

They start talking about each and every job they had, and they do so in great detail. It’s a clear sign that they do not listen carefully, that they do not speak to the point. A good secretary can not afford something like that in her job. She should be an excellent listener.

While answering questions such as “Say something about you in one sentence.”, “Tell me a little about your working experience,”, or “Name three abilities that characterize you.”, it is important to do only what they really ask you to do.

Show them that you listen carefully, speak to the point. do what you are asked to do.


Focus on important things

Man woring in an officeSome secretaries tend to speak about their former bosses, complaining, revealing information (sometimes confidential), referring to reasons why they left their last job. However, this is the worst thing you can do.

Nobody wants to hire a secretary who will talk badly about a company, or about their boss…

If you decide to talk about your previous bosses in an interview (or if you are asked to do so), you should talk nicely about them.

However, I would advice you to avoid talking about them altogether. Good secretary should talk about totally different matters, such as their achievements from last job, the value they brought to their past employers, important lessons they learned in their past jobs. 

Conclusion: Choose one or two of your past jobs, the most relevant one, and speak about things I suggested in the previous paragraph.

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