Can You Tell Me a Little about Your Past Working Experience?


Woman is working at a computerMany job applicants underestimate questions about past working experience and education. However, they have no idea what the answer can reveal about them. Interviewers are actually assessing way more than just your working experience when using this question in an interview.

First of all, the task is to tell a little about your experience. But many applicant do not catch this important word in the question. They start to talk about each job they had, similarly to the act of reading their resume to the interviewer. It’s a clear sign that they do not listen carefully, that they do not speak to the point. It is something a good secretary can not afford in her job. She should be an excellent listener, understand the orders of the boss and do exactly what she is told to do.

While answering a question like “Say something about you in one sentence.”, “Tell me a little about your working experience,”, or “Name three abilities that characterize you.”, it is important to do only what they really want you to do. That means, describe yourself in one sentence, not more. Use only three adjectives. Not more, not less. Talk a little about your experience, do not go through your entire resume… Show them that you can understand the orders and speak to the point. Good secretary has this ability and you need to present yourself as one in order to have a chance to succeed.


Focus on important things

Man woring in an officeMany secretaries have a tendency to speak about their former bosses, when asked about their previous working experience. They often complain, reveal a lot of information and talk about reasons why they left each job. However, this is the worst thing you can do!

The last thing they desire for is to hire a secretary who is going to talk bad about a company or a boss everywhere she goes… If you decide to talk about your previous bosses in an interview (or if you are asked to do so), you should talk in positive matters only. Talk good about them, that is what interviewers expect from a suitable personality for the job.

However, what i would advice is to avoid talking about bosses or any confidential information. For a good secretary, confidentiality is one of the priorities. You can and should talk about totally different things, such as the achievements from your last job, added value you were able to bring to the employer, important lessons you learned before. These are the right things to talk about when asked to tell a little about your past life.

Conclusion: Choose one or two jobs that are most relevant to the position of a secretary, speak about things I suggested and never talk bad about your former bosses.

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